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Things to Consider Before Buying Treadmills

Today, people pay attention to their health but they can not spend more time for doing exercise because of the busy life. Therefore, a home exercise machine will be the ideal choice for them. Recently, the question ” How to select the best home workout equipment” is the most concern of people. The post will help you to find the best answer.

# Budget

Besides focusing on the features of the machine, price of a treadmill is also the important things which you should think before deciding to buy anything. If you want to buy a treadmill with a lot of useful features but it has  a high price and you have not enough money to buy it. Then what will happen after that? Hence, you should arrange a maximum budget which is not only will help you find a suitable machine but also the salesman can give some advice for you about the best generations with the same features and prices for your choice.

# Motor

The motor is an important part of the treadmill and it also affects the performance and durability of the machine as well as helps you workout more effective. Additionally, a motor is considered as a good motor when it must be strong enough at low speed and not too lumbered at high speed. Furthermore, the weight of users will not effect to the machine.

If you can pay more money for buying a treadmill, you should choose a motor having 2.0HP/a constant movement which will help you more comfortable when using the machine. However, if you have not much money, 1.5HP is the ideal motor for you and your family.

#. Minimum technical parameters

Speed: Changing speed from 0.5 km/h to 15km/h will help for high-intensity exercise becoming easier which can suitable for children, older person and speed up losing weight process of women as well as the muscular workout for men.

Declination: you can change declination of the treadmill through slope manually or steep automatically which will help jogging and walk in the machine like an external workout.

Running carpet: Having one thing you should remember that wider running tape area will create a space for you to run more naturally. Wider and longer running tape help you walk with lower and stride as well as running high speed without worrying about falling off the machine. Therefore, the ideal running tape has 40 cm in width and 120 in length.

Shock absorber mattresses rubber: the treadmill which has a shock absorber mattresses rubber will help users to avoid aching muscles, joints affect bones and etc.

Stability: machine frame is designed solid and force resistance steels making peace of mind for users even they have greater weight.

Control Panel: the control panel has to visual, easy to use and display of parameters such as distance, speed, heart rate, calories and so on which will help you track fitness results from an adjustment to move workouts effectively.

Weight of the machine: if the machine hs greater weight, the vibration and noise will be smaller. Therefore, you will put your treadmill in the house, you should buy a machine with 60kg in weight.

# Features

The treadmill has 2 types: single function and multi-functions

– Single function: Walking and running

– Multi-function: walking, running, motor massage, swivel waist and so on

Depending on your purpose, you should choose a suitable treadmill for yourself.

# Safety function

It”s a special important thing for the family having children. In fact that almost the treadmill has 2 main safe functions including locking safe device and emergency stop button. For example, during working out, you get some health problems which make you fall off the machine. the safe device will stop running to avoid making hurt to users.

# Fold feature after exercise

The feature is so useful with the family who has a small area. Hence, you should buy a treadmill having the feature, it will help your house becoming vast.

# Trying before buying

Don’t  be afraid when trying the machine before deciding to buy because you will find trouble or problem of the machine when trying the first time. Although almost treadmill branches will change a new treadmill for you if the machine has any problem for the branch but changing process will spend a lot of time and money (perhaps). Therefore, why do you not try one time to find the most suitable machine?